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Advice to my younger self

  • NZHL
  • 27th of September 2018

During Money Week 2018 we asked people 'what was the one piece of advice you'd love to go back and give your younger self about money'? We got some amazing responses, here are some of our favourites:

To save and go travel instead of wasting money on food and dresses – ruzanforrest

Pay off my student loan as quickly as possible, paying more than the bare minimum….takes years off! – 1daniellehadfield

Make a plan and save money every week from your first pay. Stick to this plan and use this money as the deposit for your first home – Kay

Those couches you really really want look amazing now but in a few years they will look old and haggered and you’ll still be paying the interest off and be wanting a new couch. So save up and don’t get sucked into a high interest credit card. Lots of love your future self ? – Leanne

Pay your bills every pay day, put some away for a rainy day and don't buy on credit. Laybuy if you can or save up for what you want. Its amazing how much discount you can get when you pay cash for larger items – Lois

Well when I look back, I wish I had done that normal thing, by going to the dentist when I left school, looked after my teeth, then I wouldn't have raided my savings everytime my teeth failed. Oh how much money I'd have in my savings that wouldn't have been spent on my teeth! – Maria

I should’ve joined Superannuation when I started working, gotten Life/Medical/Health insurance when I was out of high school and not spend my money on drinking, clubbing, dining out and all that unnecessary crap ?. I should’ve spent my money on travelling the world instead ?. – Mel

Save for your retirement! We don't think about it when we are a teenager...it's so far away. Now I wish I'd put even $10 a week aside! Over the last 40 years I'd be rolling in it now! – Karen

If you see a job you like, be brave and go for it. Don’t just settle for the easier (often less paying) option. There’s nothing to lose in trying. – Keri

Investigate a bit more about the way you can manage and save your money, particularly with the way mortgages can be structured. The difference between my original term and my term now with NZHL is incredible! – Dylan

Contemplate the differences twixt want and need my dear,
Leave credit cards out in the cold
Leave bills not in arrears
On all the wants -please leave them be,
And on the needs - spend thriftily. What’s left over put away, for
Impulse buying doesn’t pay. – Jane

Quality not quantity......so save and spend once...also helps the environment with less waste.....and take care of your assets.......things can last a very long time if they are well looked after. – Chanel

It doesn't matter how much money you make, it's how much you save and invest that is key. Also, never buy anything on credit if you can't pay it off at the end of the month! Simple - Hannah

Stop spending so much on coffee at cafes when you can make a good one at home and take it with you! Will literally save you at least $80 a week ? – Amy

Live within your means. Every pay packet save 10% and give away 10% to charity or others in need. Such good habits to develop early on in life and I wish I had! – Rebecca

Don't buy things you don't need just to impress people...they don't pay your bills and if they only like you for your money their really not worth their weight in gold - Jen

Join kiwisaver as soon as you get your first job and don't get a credit card until you understand how to effectively use it. – Vanessa

That time in your early 20's when you were trying to decide between buying land or buying a new car - buy the land!!! – Donna

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