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NIB launches whitecoat

  • NZHL
  • 26th of July 2018

NIB has launched New Zealand’s first online platform that enables consumers to search, rate, review and compare local healthcare providers to help Kiwi consumers make more informed choices about their healthcare provider.

Whitecoat, features almost 10,000 healthcare providers across a range of health disciplines throughout New Zealand - including specialists, GPs, dentists and physiotherapists.   The free and publicly available website is designed to improve consumer access through information, connectivity and reach. This creates transparency between providers and patients, empowering Kiwis to make better decisions when it comes to their health.  Dubbed the “TripAdvisor” of healthcare when launched in Australia where it was originally developed by nib, the new platform will be a welcomed addition to our healthcare industry locally and provides a unique offering that we think will be widely used by consumers and providers alike.  You can find more information about the website by checking out this video with Dr Lance O’Sullivan or by jumping on whitecoat.co.nz yourself to give it a try.


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