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Press Release - NZHL appoints new COO

  • Emily Doran
  • 28th of April 2016

28th April 2016

New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) Chief Executive, Julian Travaglia, today announced the appointment of Aaron Skilton to the role of Chief Operating Officer.  Aaron will take over the role currently held by Phil Harris who will remain with the business on a consultancy basis from mid-2016.

“The appointment of someone with Aaron’s calibre and experience means that our business will be well positioned to continue to grow and develop into the most respected financial institution in New Zealand” Travaglia said in a statement.

Aaron is currently Chief Strategy Officer for NZHL and has previously held roles as CEO of Greenstone Inc; Associate Director of Marsh Mercer Benefits as well as Senior Operations and Corporate Sales Management roles within Sovereign Assurance.

“I am very grateful to Phil Harris for the role he has played in taking NZHL to become the market leading managed home loan provider in New Zealand that it is today and I’m very much looking forward to having Aaron as part of the critical next phase in the growth and transformation of the business.”

About New Zealand Home Loans

New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) is a dedicated home loan provider, committed to helping New Zealanders become debt free faster and achieve financial wellbeing for life. NZHL is a wholly owned and operated New Zealand company, and is the market leading managed home loan provider in New Zealand.  It has a nationwide network of 78 independently owned franchises, and partners with major financial services brands to provide insurance and home loans products.

NZHLs growth was recognised by the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 award for Fastest Growing Mature Business (Central North Island) in both 2012 and 2013.

Over the past four years NZHL has grown from a loan book of $3.6B to $5.1B (42% increase), clients from 15,600 to 19,000 (22% increase) and outlet numbers from 57 to 81 (42% increase). Last year it grew its loan book at 2.4 times the market growth rate.



Emily Doran
  • Emily Doran Author