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What is XRACE?

  • Emily Doran
  • 19th of February 2018

You may have seen us giving away free XRACE tickets or talking about XRACE on Facebook and thought to yourself, what on earth is XRACE?

Sort of like The Amazing Race but for 250 teams at once, XRACE is a mystery adventure race made up of a parent and child. The duos race together side-by-side against other family teams to complete ten mystery challenges, a mixture of fun tasks which carry life skills as well.

XRACE director Tamara Hermans said the event is a real, authentic bonding experience.

“The XRACE course always rewards the teams that work together,” she said. “Easier said than done!”

With the average distance between challenges 300m, families of all fitness levels can sign up – a parent and their child aged six to 14 years old. There are ten challenges to each race, with some being compulsory (known before the day so teams can practice) and mystery (only finding out during the race).

Hermans said the competition is not always the focus.

“The teams can choose their pace and go as slow or fast as they want. Completing the course is the goal. This is what XRACE is all about.  The day a mum gets to race side-by-side with her son, a dad with his daughter, or vice versa."

Families can still enter via the event website www.xrace.co.nz


Emily Doran
  • Emily Doran Author